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The Time Axis in Lom - Jotunheimen

Type:Ancient monuments

2686, Lom

Tel: +47 61 21 29 90

The Time Axis in Lom - Jotunheimen

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The Time Axis - an easy walk into "deep time" in the National Park Village Lom - Jotunheimen

The walk along the Time Axis will give you a glimpse into the 4600 million year old history of our Earth. Rocks and signs are placed in chronological order along the kilometre long path in the village center of Lom.

Some of the samples are too fragile or too small to display along the route, and therefore placed in a small exhibition behind the Fossheim Mineral Museum.

From the birth of the Eath and the Solar system, each meter you walk will take you 4,6 million years up in time. Each millimetre will be 4600 years! 
More information about the Time Axis at Fossheim Mineral Museum.

Walking trail through the National Park Village Lom: 
“Bergomsrunda” is a pleasant round trip on foot, through the National Park Village Lom. The round leads through the village
and takes you to the sights in and around the centre. The round trip is 2,5 kms long.

Lom is widely renowned for architectural characteristics. On the wooden bridge, built in the same way as the first bridges ever, you get close to the life giving water, on the way from the glaciers to the ocean. Please also notice Vassvaglen, the special monument, close to the roundabout.

Fossheim Stone Center has unique collections of minerals from all over the world. The majestic Lom stave church tells about history, 850 years back in time. Across the road you find the Norwegian Mountain Center with exhibitions and information about nature and life conditions in the mountain regions throughout history.

On your round trip you also come to Presthaugen. In the middle of the peaceful park area, you find the local open air museum, Lom Bygdemuseum, which imparts knowledge of bygone times.

Please contact the tourist office for further information.

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