Leirvassbu | Guided tours

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2687, Bøverdalen

Tel: +47 61 21 12 10

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By the characteristic Kyrkja mountain, Leirvassbu Mountain Lodgde is ideally located for glacier walks, mountain hiking, summit walks, courses, spring skiing, climbing and fishing. You can reach about 50 peaks over 2000 m.o.h. from Leirvassbu.

Guided tours
Leirvassbu has guided tours to various peaks around the lodge. The mountains Storebjørn, Midtre Høgvaletind and Semmelholstind are among the most popular ones in the area, where you also have to cross glaciers to get to the top. They also guide on other peaks and traverses nearby on request, such as crossing the "Smørstabbrean" glacier down to Krossbu Mountain Lodge.

Dawa Tenzing Sherpa
Dawa Tenzing Sherpa from Rolwaling in Nepal is Leirvassbu's regular guide in the summer, and he has been for the past 11 years. He is well known in the area and when he does not guide around Leirvassbu, he leads on various peaks in the Himalayas. He has been on seven peaks over 8,000 feet, and has climbed Mount Everest a whole 11 times.

Local guides
When Leirvassbu needs extra guides, they use local guides and guide companies from Lom. These are also the guides from Leirvassbu winter time. If you do not want to go on tops, there are many nice and easy hiking opportunities in the area. There is also the possibility of getting trout on the hook in rivers and fishing waters in the area.

You do not have to stay at Leirvassbu to book tours.
For orders send mail to post@leirvassbu.no or call +47 61 21 12 10.

Map & Directions

Road Directions

The road in Leirdalen: 

After the summer season, the road to Leirvassbu in Leirdalen is closed with a road barrier at Geitsætre / Illåe, about 5 km into the valley (from fv55 Sognefjellsvegen). The road from fv55 / Sognefjellsvegen to the cabin is approx. 14 km and there is a road barrier 1 km after driving off fv55.

In the summer season it is possible to drive all the way to the mountain hut by car. In the winter season, the road to Leirvassbu is open to Sletthamn, about 9 km after driving off the road fv55. Here you can park. It is then about 6 km from the parking lot to the hut.

It is possible to go cross country skiing to the hut, or -  if you are staying at Leirvassbu - book transport by scooter / tracker. 150, - per person, double price after 10 pm 23. To book a transport, call or email the day before arrival.

There are poor mobile coverage from the parking lot at Sletthamn.

Mountain Bus: During the high season in the summer (July and August) there is a bus to and from Leirvassbu. en-tur.org. 


Leirvassbu Mountain Lodge - Lom, JotunheimenLeirvassbu | Mountain Lodge, LomLeirvassbu is a mountain lodge in Jotunheimen, situated by the lake Leirvatnet, just below the characteristic mountain Kyrkja, and is an excellent base camp and starting point for mountain walking, climbing peaks, glacier walking and spring skiing.

Leirvassbu | Hiking in JotunheimenLeirvassbu is the perfect starting point for hiking in Jotunheimen.