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2690, Skjåk

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Daytrip rafting Lom & Skjåk Adventure

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Go rafting with Skjåk Adventure  - if you really want to experience everything about rafting!

On this trip you will come with us to a wide variety of rivers, filled with excitement and challenges. Big waves, roaring rapids and technical rafting in fast steep rivers.

We start out on quiet water with some practicing of the different paddling techniques, before we hit the first rapid in the Åstri river, then we move on to some technical paddling in the fast Dyrringen river. When we get feet back on dry land again we will take a break to eat lunch. Then we paddle the rapids of Ofossen and Vollungen, which contains the famous "Skjåk-wave". Finally we go up to the rapids of Skamsarfossen, were we finish of with a high jump of the brigde.

The day trip will last for about 5-6 hours, lunch break included.

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