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Skjåk Adventure - rafting
  • Skjåk Adventure - rafting
  • Skjåk Adventure - rafting
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Skjåk Adventure offers a huge range of activities all through the year and with various levels of difficulty. Our professional team is ready to give you the ultimate nature experience!

Rafting in Lom og Skjåk explores a fantastic variety of rivers! From whitewater rapids to calm water and to surfing the Ofossen wave. Rafting in the area of Lom and Skjåk, is due to the great variety of rivers, an amazing experience. Here you can find something for all preferences. The big, roaring rapids of the river Otta, the fast and technical Skjøli-river, and the playful and exiting family trips, is just some of all that we can offer you of rafting experiences.

Kayak - ride the waves! 
Feel the mighty powers of the river as you push your boundaries and explore the whitewater magic in your kayak. Paddling kayak is challenging, exciting and always filled with adventures. With adrenalin-filled joy, you get the opportunity to explore and conquer the river all on your own.

In the area of Lom and Skjåk, we have a great number of different rivers and the falls and rapids are truly amazing. This is also the spot where you can find the well-known Skjåk-wave, where both the Norwegian and the European championships of kayak-rodeo have taken place. Here you are guaranteed to find your own personal favorite river.

Canyoning - get one with nature!
Canyoning is an activity were you get one with nature.We go down into the narrow canyon, where we play in the waterfalls, and whatever challenges the nature provides us. Canyoning is an adventure where you get as close to the nature as you possibly can. This is an intense, exciting, challenging, beautiful and not at least, wet experience, as total as any nature experience can get.

Ride the river with Hydrospeed!
Join a thrilling white water hydrospeed adventure. This is a high adrenaline water sport; think of white water rafting but without the raft! The guides will teach you to master the river on this amazing adventure! 

Some people find hydrospeed the most challenging of all our down the river activities as there is only a board between you and river waves and rocks. You have to hold a hydrospeed with your hands. 

You will be equipped with a warm wetsuit, wetsocks, helmet and pfd, and with the flippers on the feet, we go faster than the current, to conquer the rapids of the river. Our hydrospeeds are made of foam, making them safer and softer than the plastic hydrospeed.

Ducky – ready for a new challenge?
A ducky is an inflatable kayak for 1 or 2 persons. Our ducky trips are done on the same stretch of river as the rafting.

The river seems a lot bigger and the possibilities are greater. We try surfing waves. Duckying is something that we recommend to guests who have already tried rafting, and that wants new challenges. The big advantage with a ducky is that you don t need very good skills or a lot of training to do nice duckying. Already on the first trip you will be able to do nice rapids and surf the famous Skjåk Wave. 

Ducky is also available as family trips, and we can specially recommended it to families that has already tried rafting, and that are ready for a new challenge. 

Canoe - in harmony with nature:
The canoe is the perfect way of experience our beautiful lanscapes in harmony with nature. While quietly paddling your canoe, you get in touch with the wildlife and nature along the rivers and lakes, in a way only possible from a canoe. As you move silent on the water you get the chance to see some of Norways fauna, that may otherwise be startled by your presence.

Caving - exciting exploring down in natures basement!
As long back as the time glaciers covered Norway, the river Dumma has been carving hallways and caves in the limeston-mountains of Dumdalen. Thus has the caves of Dumdalen been shaped through the millenniums. 

In the valley Dumdalen, we can find caves left and right. As some lay dry high up in the hillside, like the long and dark "Spiral of Death", others are still being carved by the river further down the valley. Caving invites you to an exciting experience. Down in natures basement you will get to see extraordinary shapes of stone, total darkness, and silence and tranquility, only interrupted by the sound of the river.

Skjåk Adventure can offer a wide range of activities and overnight stays. Contact us for tailor made programs for your school or group.

Skjåk Adventure is situated in Lom and Skjåk, in the heart of Norway, ringed by national parks and well-known places like Jotunheimen, Geiranger and Sognefjord. Lom and Skjåk is a paradise for your nature experiences.

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Skjåk Adventure is situated in Lom and Skjåk, in the heart of Norway, ringed by national parks and well-known places like Jotunheimen, Geiranger and Sognefjord. Lom and Skjåk is a paradise for your nature experiences.


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