Fossheim Mineral Museum | Solhell logcabin

Type:Self-catering cabins

Bergsomsvegen 20, 2686, Lom

Tel: +47 92 83 63 14

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Solhell is a wonderful logcabin by the foot of the track to mountain "Soleggen" in the center of Lom National Park Village.

The cabin is fully equipped to cover all your needs; including bed clothing, towels, kitchen supplies, WIFI etc. The cabin is situated in the middle of Lom, within it's beautiful old stave church, the famous bakery, the many shops and restaurants. It is also surrounded by the highest mountains in Norway, such as Galdhøpiggen, and the Jotunheimen National Park.

The Solhell cabin is rented out by Fossheim Mineral Museum in Lom, a geological museum and jewelry gallery, shop and workshop. With the country's largest selection of minerals and jewelery stones, it is definitly worth a visit!  

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* For booking, please contact:
+47 612 11 460


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