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Are you in for a refreshing swim while visiting Lom and Jotunheimen? Then the beach by Liabrua is the place to go. 


​​​​​If you want to take an outdoor bath while spending the day in the centre of Lom National Park Village, there are mainly two places to recommend. In the direction of Otta, follow the signs to "Liabru". The beach is on the other side of the bridge, on the left hand side. Here it is also safe to bring children. 

The other beach is about 500 m from the village centre. Drive route 15 from Lom town centre about 400 m westward in direction Stryn. By Ottadalen Mølle turn right, then turn left and left again on a small gravel road. 


There is also a small beach by the river just on the dowside of Nordal Turisthotell, but here you have to careful considering the current in the river. 

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