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Type:Locally produced food

Smørlivegen, 2685, Garmo

Tel: +47 400 75 153

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Brimi sæter offers a unique experience with self-produced food at the old mountain farm by the lake Tesse.

You will get to know the animals; the history and you will see how the milk is used to produce cheese. Here you have beautiful nature, real silence and cultural history at its best.

In May of 2004, the building of a little dairy house as an extension to the barn began. The mountain dairy milk is too good in its pristine state to be poured out into the big “tank” at Tine dairies (the state-owned and largest dairy in Norway).  At Brimi sæter they want consumers to experience the products made in the dairy. Because the animals graze in the mountains, the milk has a completely unique quality, the butter is more yellow, and the cheese has a richer flavor!

Cheese-making is a handicraft which the milkmaids of old put all their heart and soul into, and it has also been an important part of the farm’s economy. At Brimi sæter, they learned the traditional methods of making cheese from Embjørg, over 90 years old. In the new cheese house they make soured cream, butter, kjuke (a kind of pultost cheese) and white cheese.

The dairy is built specifically so that visitors can follow the entire process through a large window; from milking to cheese-churning, and finally, to storage.

They have a small farm shop at Brimi sæter, where you find a lot of local products. 

Brimi Sæter also run a small shop with their own products and local foods from "Gudbrandsdalsmat" in Garmo, just by side of Rv. 55 in direction towards Otta, from Lom. 





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