Climate Park 2469 | The ice tunnel in Lom, Jotunheimen

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Brubakken 2, 2688, Lom

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Tel: +47 61 21 16 00

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The Climate Park is an outdoor experience area with focus on climate history, hunting and catching, geology and biology. Welcome to Norway`s Coolest Classrom!

70 meters into the ice. 7000 years back in time. Insights for a lifetime. Guided and easily accesible tours into the unique Ice Tunnel below the highest mountain north of the Alps. Learn about nature, wildlife and humans living in the highlands. Experience thowing permafrost and melting snow fields. Discover Secrets of the Ice: Ancient artifacts surfacing from the ice and snow.

On the trip through the climate park, a guide will take the group into an exciting landscape of experiences and learning. Above the Juvflye, at the foot of the Galdhøpiggen peak, there are organized pedestrians and information stations before one enters the ice tunnel that is designed and lighted by artist and sculptor Peder Istad, and chopped out and shaped with handpower.

The ice tunnel is inspired by Norse Mythology. The large yellow ring symbolize Odin's ring made of gold - Draupne. In the tunnel there is an archaeological exibition with finds that has melted out of the glacier. The finds remains from prehistoric reindeer hunting. 

It's an easy walk, aproximately 1 km., from the mountain lodge, Juvasshytta to the ice tunnel, situated 1850 m.a.s.l.

-Guided tours twice a day in the Summer.

-2 km walking distance

-Wear warm clothes, hat, mittens and preferably water resistant boots

- Meet up point: Juvasshytta - accessible by bus and private car, 45 min drive uphill from Lom.

- 45 min drive from Lom village - 30 min drive from exit road 55 at Galdesand. 

- Café, restaurant, accomodation and toilets at access point/parking

- Group fares and additional discount at Norsk Mountain Center in Lom

Contact us:
phone: +47 61 21 16 00



Guide Prices



  • glacier hiking
  • Guided tour

Participants must bring

  • warm clothing

Types of events

  • Nature

Map & Directions

Road Directions

From road 55 (between Lom and Sogndal) at Galdesand. Mountain road about 15 km to Juvasshytta. Parking lot.

Opening Times

* Open during season.


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