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Grayling fishing in River Otta, high-mountain fishing in Breheimen, extended backpacking/fishing trips in Reinheimen National Park, or family fishing at Grotli. Skjåk Public Lands offer fishing to suit everyone, and you are guaranteed not to stand in line to do it.

In the valley of Skjåk there are 298 pools and lakes of at least 3.7 acres. The 18 longest rivers have a total length of 150 miles. Fishing with rod or otter is permitted in all waters, for Norwegians and non-Norwegians alike.

Fishing permits are sold by most tourist establishments, Statoil at Bismo, the tourist information offices at Lom and Skjåk and at the Common Lands Office. The permit cover the whole of Skjåk. Children under 16 can fish free of charge.

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Fishing ­ine the Otta ­river ­in ­Skjåk:
The River Otta offers many opportunites for easy access to excellent fishing. There are trout throughout the entire river system, but there is the best chance to find the larger trout below Pollfoss and downstream than above. There are plenty of grayling over 40 cm in the lower sections of the River Otta, from Ofossen to the Lom border.

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Hire a cabin in the mountains:
On the moors, Skjåk Common Lands own 19 cabins and shelters, of which 11 are in the mountains. All these are available for hire at reasonable rates in connection with hunting, fishing or outdoor pursuits.

Skjåk Common Lands welcomes you to a pleasant stay wonderful countryside!

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Fishing regulations: 

- All under 20 years of age  can fish for free with rod and hand line.
- All over 20 years shall purchase a license for the type of fishing tackle they want to use, be it rod, otter – fishing board, or nets.
- The season begins when the ice breaks in spring and ends when the water freezes again in the fall.
- Always have a valid fishing license with you when you go fishing.
- All use of dead or live fish as bait is forbidden.



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