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2686, Lom

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Norway`s most popular animated film is ”Flåklypa Grand Prix”, produced by Ivo Caprino and Kjell Aukrust.

The name Flåklypa has to do with two specific stones in the river Bøvra, close to the farm Flå. In earlier times, when the hay was brought home from the mountain farms, usually by horse sledge transport on the ice covered river during winter, they had to pass between the two stones. The passage was so narrow, that the load was stripped on the sides.
8 kms southwest of Lom, on the road 55.

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Aukrust farm, a house and flowers and herbs in front. Aukrust Farm and Herb Garden, LomAukrust Farm and Herb Garden is located in Lom, the farm has been run biodynamically since 1986. Enjoy our farm store, herb garden, exhibition and local food.

Nordgard Aukrust, herb garden and local food shopNordgard Aukrust | Farm Shop, LomWelcome to our garden with 200 types of herbs. You can wander around freely with a written guide book showing the most common varieties.

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