Fyrst og Fremst | Galdhøpiggen - the top of Norway

Type:Guided tour

Ulstadveg 26, 2686, Lom

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With its 2469 meters above sea level, Galdhøpiggen is both Norway's and Northern Europe's highest mountain. This is a relatively easy trip that suits most people, also families with children.

It takes about 45 minutes to drive by car from Lom to Juvasshytta. The last mile from Raubergstulen it's a toll road costing 100,- (pay by card). From Juvasshytta 1840 masl, the first part goes through scree in easy terrain into the glacier where we tie ourselves into the rope. Further it takes less than an hour to cross the glacier, before the last and heaviest part og the trip goes up Piggeura. Total we use about 3 ½ hours to the top, and 2½ hours down again, in addition to good breaks.

We guide both small an larger groups, adding up the trip for the individual group level and desire. The group and experience will be in focus during the whole trip. We don't have daily trips to Galdhøpiggen, but are ready if you want a private guide for your family or group.

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