Fyrst og Fremst | Skiing and skimountaineering in Jotunheimen

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Ulstadveg 26, 2686, Lom

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Tel: +47 93 66 11 18

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Winter and spring is a wonderful time for skiing in Jotunheimen. The area is easily accessible, and you can choose long walks inward gentle terrain through Jotunheimens valleys, or you can go steeper and more challenging trips to get great descents up to 1000 meters. The longer trips may be better with lighter skis, but you can still drop by peaks higher than 2000 m.a.s.l. You can also have long trips on randonee, but here it will often go steeper uphill go get steeper and more challenging descents.

At all randoneearrangements, the participants meet the night before to plan. This to meet the guide, but also to go through the equipment, making sure everything is in order, and agree on the next days destination. We are open for desires of a special destination from the participants, and the planning is used to find the best suited destination from assumptions, weather and conditions.

We have weather and prejudice, but the ski ecperience is in focus and we can always find an alternative solution that provide the best possible outcome. Below is a selection of our most popular randonee experiences, in addition to an introduction in randonee and safe travel on skis in the mountains. If our selection don't fit you, contact us and we adapt an find the right solution for you.


Price: 3500,- per guide (max 6 participants)


Welcome to great days skiing in Jotunheimen, Breheimen and Sognefjellet!


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