Garmo church


2685, Garmo
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The church in Garmo is built with logs, in the years 1875 –79 after a twelve years long planning period.

Originally most people in the parish wanted a stone church, as there was a large lack of timber in the district at that time. Master builder was Elias A. Tonning from Stryn. .Total maerial and building costs amounted to som e 12.000 NOK. at that time.

Inauguration was celebrated on Sept. 12th 1879. Some restauration and repair works hve been carried out during the years 1938 to 1968. The pulpit and the panelled ceiling were made by Reidar Nyrnes in 1943-44. The altarpiece was carved by the two brothers Ole and Jakup S. Byre in 1880.


Types of church

  • nave church
  • wooden church

Map & Directions

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