Haukdalen, the home of the artist Kitty Wentzel


Flatmovegen 265, 2686, Lom

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Haukdalen is peacefully and idyllically situated in Flatmogrenda in Lom. Quaint old buildings surround this traditional smallholding, with a garden containing many plants traditionally associated with this landscape. For many years, Haukdalen was home to Kitty Wentzel. Born in Christiania (Oslo) in 1868, she was one of Norway"s first women journalists. Kitty was married to the well-known artist Gustav Wentzel.

At Haukdalen we can offer pleasant rambles around the complex and also give an impression of how life was for Kitty and Gustav Wentzel in Lom. There are sketches, paintings and preparatory versions of well-known paintings by Wentzel and other contemporaries, which have been owned by the Wentzel family.

Gustav Wentzel and his eldest son, Jørgen, built a studio in Furuheim, which lies about 2 km further down the hill in Lia.

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