Kvitingskjølen 2064 and 2060 meters high

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Kvitingskjølen is a mountain on the northern edge of Jotunheimen in Lom municipality in Oppland. The highest peak, Store Kvitingskjølen, is 2064 meters above sea level, while Vestre Kvitingskjølen has a height of 2060 meters above sea level.

It is easiest to start the trip from the hamlet Sålell, which is located about 1200 meters above sea level. You get here by taking the road at the highest point of Vårdalen, between Garmo and Lom, and towards the toll sign for Soleggen.

When you get to Sålell, you park the car on the other side of the bridge, where the road is closed with a barrier. You walk in the direction of Kvitingsgjelet, but cross the stream, and enter the ridge on the left side. This is followed up towards Veslkjølen, and further in and up to the highest point, namely Østre Kvitingskjølen 2064 masl. This peak has a large nice cairn, and a rather special view.
You have a good view of Rondene in the north, and Jotunheimen in the south and west.

When you stand on top of Store Kvitingskjølen, you have the neighboring peak at 2060 masl. just west of you, and a visit there does not require much effort. If you take this neighboring peak with you, you can make this a varied trip. You then take the return down Krokågjelet, until you enter the farm road to Foss by Rundhaugen, and so on in easy terrain down to the car.

It is also possible to go on this trip from Brimi Fjellstue and Brimi Seter. This is a long and demanding trip that is well suited for mountain skiing in the winter. The trip starts along the same marked path as to Steinbua, from Brimi mountain lodge, until you come up the steep slopes and come to the crossroads. From here, the trip goes south-west towards the long planes towards Gråvåhøi. The area has a lot of cultural-historical memory, such as hunting and trapping facilities. The terrain is easy to walk in, small rock first half of the trip. Noko bog and bog. Further inland you cross the river Ilva before the last climb to the top starts. Large and nice cairn at the top, and an absolutely fantastic view of "the whole" Jotunheimen.

The trip is physically demanding with a length of 22 km round trip. Time: 7-8 hours

Source: Mountain guide Kjell Nyøygard and Brimi hiking map.

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