Reinheimen National Park

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2686, Lom

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Reinheimen National Park

Reinheimen (Home for reindeers) National Park is located in the second biggest intervention-free mountain area in southern Norway where wilderness dominates.

In the west you will find a dramatic landscape with sharp peaks and ridges, valleys, canyons and swift rivers. If you turn towards Romsdalen, you can observe the impressive Trollveggen (Troll Wall) which is the tallest vertical rock face in Europe 1100 m from the base to the summit at its tallest.

To the east, the terrain is gently sloped where plateaus are tranquil, valleys are wider and rivers flow more silently. Here you can find the original ecosystem with reindeers, wolverine, golden eagle, hunting falcons and willow grouses. Reindeers find good pastures here all year round. Reinheimen is rich in ancient hunting monuments. The people in the villages around Reinheimen use the mountain. In the valleys towards Reinheimen National Park one can find a living farm environment with important resources for grazing sheep and cattle. In Tafjord Mountains and western parts of Skjåk, there are marked trails and tourist cabins both in and close to the National Park.

The area of Reinheimen National Park covers ca 1.969 km2.

The purpose of the park is to preserve a huge, continuous and wilderness dominated mountain area with its distinctive character and varied biodiversity. Both natural habitat of reindeers and cultural heritage are central in protection policy.

The area is important as a reference territory for research with large variation opportunities within geology, climate, vegetation and topography. Everyone shall have access to nature experience through the exercise of traditional and simple outdoor recreation with a small degree of technical adjustments.

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