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Flækøybygget, 2686, Lom

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Tel: +47 902 72 289

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Skogstad is an a clothing store with sports and leisure clothing for the whole family.

All you need, are the right clothes for the right conditions and the right occasion, which you find at the shop Skogstad Lom.

In 1937 on the shores of Nordfjord, in Norway, where glaciers glitter through narrow valleys and mountains plunge dramatically into fjords, the Skogstad family decided to start making clothing to protect from the freezing temperatures and driving rain. This way how Skogstad was created, shaped by the wind and the rain, tailored by nature.

We call this joy and contentment in nature "the outdoor joy".

Here the pleasure of hiking are amongst all families, and the landscape in beautiful Jotunheimen are right outside our doors. Skiing, hiking and exploring in summer, winter, spring and autumn. Dreams can come true, every day, every part of the year, just by walking outside.



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