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Sognefjellsvegen 13, 2686, Lom

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Tel: +47 468 54 262

Entrance, BrimiBue
  • Entrance, BrimiBue
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  • Foodtasting with Arne Brimi.
  • Arne Brimi cooking fish in the oven at BrimiBue.
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  • Foodtasting with Arne Brimi at Brimibue.


In the middle of the National Park Village of Lom you will find BrimiBue, a small world of delicious, tasty food made from local ingredients. 

At BrimiBue the menu changes from week to week. This gives the chefs a creative playroom and adds an exciting factor for the guests. 

As a guest at this restaurant you can enjoy your meal in harmonic surroundings in the centre of Lom. Local foods meets modern gastronomy, and the result is just too good to miss. 


During the summer season (june 20th - august 20th) they serve 4- and 5- courses dinner at night. 

You can place a reservation every halfhour between 19:00 and 21:00. 

In addition BrimiBue offers drop-in lunch between 12-16:30 in the summer. Then you can not reserve a table. The lunchmenu consists of a few tasty dishes, which also vary from time to time. 


Food and drinks

  • Dinner
  • Lunch

General facilities

  • banqueting rooms
  • fireplace
  • food and beverage service
  • menu

Types of events

  • Food
  • food and produce event
  • Gastronomy

Map & Directions

Opening Times

* Dinner: open for table reservation.
Lunch: drop-in, in summerseason (20th of june - 20th of august).


Hotelroom at Brimibue Hotel with vies over the river Bøvra, Lom Jotunheimen.BrimiBue | Hotel, LomAt BrimiBue, in the centre of Lom, you will find a classy and modern hotel on the second floor.

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