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Sognefjellsveien 7, 2686, Lom

Tel: +47 61 21 18 60

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  • Freshly baked buns and cinnamon rolls.
  • Morten Schakenda, who opened the bakery.
  • A lot of bake goods at Bakeriet i Lom.
  • Bun with raspberries.
  • Freshly baked bread.
  • Entrance to the bakery on a winternight.
  • Foodcourse with Morten Schakenda.


Norway’s finest bakery in the small village of Lom. 

Lom Bakery is probably Norway's best bakery - situated in the National Park Village of Lom. Her you can buy freshly baked baguettes, cinnamon twists and rustic loaves by the score, but there are also delicious pastries and sandwiches, and the crispy pizzas. 

The Bakery in Lom is well known for its fluffy and tasty cinnamon buns. In the summer season there are often long queues outside the doors of the small bakery. But both the pastries and the experience are worth waiting for.

For the baker in Lom, it's not about making things easier, but real. The wood-fired oven is the glowing heart of the bakery. The heat, smell and smoke rising from the pipe are an important part of history for the bakery. You will discover it in the crust of the bread and the taste. Besides, the bakery in Lom uses local produce from small suppliers.

So sit down and relax by the waterfall while enjoying a cup of coffee and a real piece of bread or a bun.

The bakery in Lom also organizes baking courses.


Food and drinks

  • coffee shop
  • danish open sandwiches
  • pizza
  • smeared sandwiches
  • summer café
  • summer restaurant

General facilities

  • bakery
  • food and beverage service
  • menu

Types of events

  • food and produce event

Map & Directions

Road Directions

The Bakery in Lom is located right next to the river Bøvra in the centre of Lom. The bakery is easily accessible from the tourist information center where you will also find parking.

Opening Times

* Open all year


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