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Group on a glacier hike on Bøverbreen
  • Group on a glacier hike on Bøverbreen
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Aktiv i Lom is an activity and guide company that is based in Lom in Jotunheimen.

The company runs Galdhøpiggen High Rope-course and offers guided tours at the glaciers and peaks in Jotunheimen, as well as cave walking in the Dumdalen caves.

Hiking in Jotunheimen: 
Hiking in Jotunheimen and Lom gives you the opportunity to choose between a range of different destinations; from easy and family-friendly to more extreme and advanced. Mostly all of the peaks found in Jotunheimen and Lom are higher than 2000 metres above sea-level. You can go hiking in the afternoon for 2-3 hours and still summit one of these mighty peaks! For a full day experience we can recommend combining a glacier and summit tour. If you are seeking the extreme and advanced – we will be happy to set up a full day tour including glacier crossing and summiting as many as 10 2000 m.a.s. peaks!

Jotunheimen offers a variety of destinations for all levels of experience. We are happy to help you plan your tour and we can also recommend accommodation nearby. We also have other activities which can be combined with a hiking-tour for a full weekend experience.

Our guides are experienced, and will guide you safely throughout the mountain-area.

Ski touring:
Jotunheimen is a fantastic area to experience skiing in the winter and spring time. Our experienced and local mountain guides takes you ski touring in the magnificent nature reaching the high peaks of Jotunheimen.

The zipline over the Prestfossen waterfall in the center of Lom National Park Village is a spectacular experience! The Zip Line takes you down the Bøvre River, over the waterfall down to the end by Nordal Turistsenter. This is a super activity for the adventurous, but it is also a an activity suitable for first-timers! Feeling of achievement guaranteed!  Attendance at the Norwegian Mountain Center.     

For booking outside opening hours for groups min.10 persons, please contact us at post@aktivilom.no

Lom activity park:
Lom Activity Park is situated in the middle of Lom National Park Village, next to Sport 1. In the activity park we have climbing tower, gyro trampoline, a 9-hole mini golf course, a new Pump Track-course and a new Pedal Gokart-course. In addition, there are some free of charge activities in and around the area.

The golf course is suited for whole family. On the gyro trampoline we see kids most of the time, but this is a fun activity for all family members. The climbing tower has multiple climbingrouts and it is brand new the season of 2017, along with the Pump Track-course and the pedal Gokart-course. The last three activities are all suitable for families – fun has no age here! Outside the area there are regular trampolines and a skateboard ramp.

You can also rent discs for disc golf (Frisbee golf). The disc golf course is situated in the Bøverdalen valley, about 15 km west of Lom (Route 55).

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Aktiv i Lom is situated at several locations in Lom and Bøverdalen Valley.

You will find the Gladhøpigen High Rope Park in Bøverdalen valley in Lom municipalty. Closes neighbour to Raubergstulen, just below the location of mighty Gldhøpiggen. The park has an unique location, offering a fantastic view of the Bøverdalen Valley.

Lom Activity park is situated in the middel of Lom , at the municipalcenter of Fossberg. We share adress with Sport 1, sportsequipmentstore. We can offer parking and fun activities for children and grown-ups!

The Prestfoss Zip-line is located by the River Bøvre, close to Norsk Fjellsenter.

Lom Municipalty is right in the middel of Norway, almost the same distance from Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo. The national highways of Rv 15 an Rv55 both takes you to Lom.


caving, dumdalenAktiv i Lom | Cavewalking in Dumdalen, Lom

Climbing in Galdhøpiggen High Rope Course - Aktiv i LomAktiv i Lom | Galdhøpiggen High Rope Course, LomGaldhøpiggen High Rope Park is situated by the foot of Galdhøpiggen, the highest mountain in Norway, and consists of traverses, 76 platforms and challenges for all ages!

Upper activityareaAktiv i Lom | Lom Activity Park, LomLom activity park in Lom National Park Village. Climbing tower, high rope park, gyro trampolines, pedal gocart course, pumptrack course and 9-hole miniature golf course. 

Group on a glacier hike on BøverbreenAktiv i Lom | Glacier walking on Bøverbreen, LomExplore the blue ice and the ice tunnels- join Aktiv i Lom for a glacier hike in beautiful Jotunheimen!

Jotunheimen Panorama | Glamping in Arctic domes, LomFall asleep beneath the stars in a grand lit bed and wake up to a breathtaking view of two national parks. Domes Hugin and Munin is the place to stay!

Visit Jotunheimen AS | Bergomsvegen 17, 2686 Lom | Org.nr. 915 613 020 | +47 612 12 990 | info@visitjotunheimen.no