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caving, dumdalen
  • caving, dumdalen
  • caving, dumdalen
  • caving, dumdalen
  • caving, dumdalen
  • caving, dumdalen
  • Dumdalen, caving
  • Dumdalen, caving
  • Dumdalen, caving
  • Dumdalen, caving

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In a few thousand or one million years acidic water desolves marble which are washed away together with the porous media, while the hard consists. The origin of caves; in Dumdalen, west of Lom, are a number of such phenomena most of which were formed during the last ice age 10,000 years ago. Here you can experience strange rock formations, quietness and powerful river cascading interchangeably.
The tour starts with short distances, large rooms and light through openings in the mountains. Gradually increase the length, the feeling of space is reduced and the only light we have is from the headlamp on the helmet. Dumdalen is an idyllic valley with very rich flora as a result of the calcareous ground. So if someone prefers the surface, they will still have a great trip.

Cave walking must be considered a messy day out - wear clothes that can handle the dirt and narrow passages and also have in mind there might be damage on the outer layer clothing due to the nature of the experience.

Participants drive their own car to Dumdalen (38 km from Lom).
Show-up is at 09:50 am.
A trip takes 2-4 hours, and is a easy hike.

If one of the sceduled trips does not fit your scedule, please contact us and we can see if it is possible to set up a trip for you.



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Map & Directions

Road Directions

38 minutes by car from Fossbergom (municipal center of Lom)


caving, dumdalenAktiv i Lom | Cavewalking in Dumdalen, Lom

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