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2687, Bøverdalen

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Picture of randone hikers skiing towards the summit. Aktiv i Lom.
  • Picture of randone hikers skiing towards the summit. Aktiv i Lom.
  • Picture of a group of randone ski hikers, crossing the Smørstabbreen glacier towards a summit.
  • picture of randone skier walking on the glacier with beatifull summits in the background aktiv i lom
  • Picture of a ski hiker skiing up a mountain side. Mountains covered in snow in the backdrop.
  • Picture of a randone skier skiing downwards from the summit. Aktiv i Lom.
  • Picture of two ski hikers on their way to the summit, beautiful mountains in the background. Aktiv i lom.
  • Picture of ski hiker skiing downwards and jumping of a berg formation in the mountainside.

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Spring time in Jotunheimen is fantastic for skiing; both cross country, telemark and randonee. It is possible to ski until late June.

There are opportunities for short and long hikes, steep or gentle inclination. Join Aktiv in Lom for long walks in valleys or short trips that might include summiting a peak of over 2,000 meters above sea level. You can also get fantastic walks with descents lasting up to 1400 meters, and if you are lucky you can wear a shorts all day.




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* from January through June


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