Coop Prix Bøverdalen | Grocery Store


Sognefjellsvegen 1943, 2687, Bøverdalen

Tel: +47 99211655

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Local grocery store situated in Bøverdalen, by the Sognefjellet road in Jotunheimen.

Are you on your way to the mountains, and have forgotten food, drink or other essentials for the mountain trip? Then Coop Prix Bøverdalen is there for you - open 24 hours a day! 

This local grocery store is located at the entrance to Galdhøpiggen on the way to/from Sognefjellet and is open 24 hours a day!

The store was completely renovated in 2022 - and then became a Prix store.

- Both the salsa area and the warehouse have been expanded, and the fact that the store is being rebranded from Coop Marked to Coop Prix means a greater selection and lower prices for customers, says Rune Fossmo in Coop Ottadalen.

Open 24/7:  If you need to shop after other shops are closed, you can shop 24 hours a day at the Coop store in Bøverdalen! The store is staffed in the usual way for large parts of the day, and afterwards with self-service 

To be able to shop outside the normal opening hours, you can "lock" yourself in and out of the store via an application and identification via Norwegian BankID. 

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