Galdhøpiggvegen | Northern Europe’s highest tarmac road

Type:Natural sights

Galdhøpiggvegen, 2687, Bøverdalen

Tel: +47 61211550

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Galdhøpiggvegen is 15 km long and offers an ascent of 1300 height meters in diverse scenery which varies from dense forest to bare rock and glaciers. In good weather the view is outstanding and the highlight is the panoramic view to Nortern Europe’s highest mountains when you reach the end of the road.

Toll road after 5 km, you may pay with credit card/VISA.

The road is open from mid may to the end of october if the weather allows it.

Map & Directions

Road Directions

Follow road 55 Sognefjellsvegen from Lom for about 20km, take left when you reach Galdesanden and follow the signs to Juvasshytta, Raubergstulen and Galdhøpiggen sommerskisenter.

Opening Times

* The road is privately owned and operated by Juvasshytta. This is a toll road which is closed from Raubergstulen to Juvasshytta during the winter, usually from the beginning of November. The road opens when Galdhøpiggen summer ski center at Vesljuvbrean opens in May every year.


Juvasshytta | Mountain Lodge, LomJuvasshytta is Northern Europe’s highest tourist lodge, at the foot of Galdhøpiggen.

Climbing in Galdhøpiggen High Rope Course - Aktiv i LomAktiv i Lom | Galdhøpiggen High Rope Course, LomGaldhøpiggen High Rope Park is situated by the foot of Galdhøpiggen, the highest mountain in Norway, and consists of traverses, 76 platforms and challenges for all ages!

Galdhøpiggen sommerskisenter, Galdhøpiggen summer skiing center, juvassGaldhøpiggen Summer Skiing Center | Juvass, LomGaldhøpiggen Summer Skiing Resort is located by Norway's highest mountain at 2469 metres (8,098 feet). The resort is open for skiing and boarding in the summer - from May - November, and attracts several international alpine teams.

Coop Prix Bøverdalen | Grocery Store, LomLocal grocery store situated in Bøverdalen, by the Sognefjellet road in Jotunheimen. Open 24/7

Biking to JuvasshyttaGaldhøpiggvegen | Biking Northern Europe’s highest tarmac road, LomGaldhøpiggvegen is Northern Europe’s highest tarmac road - known as one of Europe's toughest uphill roads. Do you take the challenge?

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