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Vassgangen 24, 2690, Skjåk

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  • Icelandic horses at Fjelleventyret.
  • Guides and horses ready for a hike.
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  • Horseback riding in Lundadalen.
  • Incredible nature-experiences with horseback riding with Fjelleventyret.
  • Horseback riding in Lundadalen.
  • Lundadalen during fall.
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  • Horseback riding in Lundadalen.
  • Horseback riding in Lundadalen.
  • Horseback riding with Fjelleventyret.
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  • On a horseback by the river Skjøle.
  • Lunch made on a campfire.
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Experience the mountains going horseback riding. This is guaranteed a memorable experience for people at all ages. Riding in mountains and pastures is a unique combination of being close to the animals and exploring in magnificent scenery.

Fjelleventyret is a family company in the small village Skjåk in Gubrandsdalen. Here lays the farm which has 20 Icelandic horses. From the farm you can see into the beautiful Lundadalen which is a part of Breheimen National park. You can come here alone, with a friend or a girlfriend/boyfriend, as a family or a group who wants to ride on old roads to the mountain dairy farm and into the mountains.

Starting from Lundadalen in Skjåk, Fjellventyret offers accommodation and various guided activities in Breheimen National Park.
Fjelleventyret provides rides for all levels of experience, fitting each trail ride to the level of each rider, ensuring a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere for all! The rides venture through some of the most scenic areas in Norway.

We ride on 4-hour trips into Lundadalen every day all summer, which offers beautiful nature and the river Skjøle which brings/ streams the turquoise water from the glaciers. Kayakers who paddles past in full speed.

Experience the forest, the roads to the mountain dairy farm and the mountains from the horse back gives a unique experience. Making a stop to enjoy a delicious lunch in the nature by the river and smelling the smell of the heather, and then continue the ride in the beautiful nature.

We have kid- friendly horses so it is just fine to take a trip with the whole family. The price is 730 NOK per person, you will be experiencing horse- back riding into the mountains, on paths in the forest, over rivers and streams. You will be experiencing the beautiful nature Skjåk and Norway has to offer.

Welcome to this year most beautiful summer adventure!



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* Riding daily from the first week of June


View over Hestbrepiggane. Breheimen | National Park, SkjåkBreheimen National Park - from perennial ice to lush valleys with transhumance farms Breheimen means "the home of the glaciers". The National Park -  established in 2009 - is located in the municipalities of Skjåk and Lom in Oppland county and in Luster in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. The park…

Fjelleventyret | Stay at the Summer Farm, SkjåkAt Fjelleventyret in Lundadalen in Skjåk you can spend the night at the cozy "Yste". The farmhouse has no electricity or water, but is unique with candlelight and the river "Skjøle" that flows right outside.

Fjelleventyret | Farm Stay in Lundadalen, SkjåkWhen visiting Fjelleventyret in beautiful Lundadalen, you have the opportunity to sleep in the original buildings on the farm.

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