Tronoberget from Lom Centrum

Type:Peak hiking summer

Sognefjellsvegen 17, Sognefjellsvegen 17, 2686, Lom

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  • Hiking to Tronoberget and Geitupphøe from Lom National Park Village.
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  • Hiking in Lom national park village. Photo: Mari Arnøygard Wedum
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The center of Lom National Park Village is surrounded by nice hiking paths. Tronoberget is one of many easily accessible mountain hikes - close to Reinheimen National Park with a stunning view towards Lom center and over to Lomseggen with its summits Eggjapiken (1524 m.a.s.l.) and Storivilen (2064 m.a.s.l.).

From the top of Tronoberget you can see parts of Finndalen Valley Landscape Conservation Area and Reinheimen National Park.

Route description:
From the roundabout in the center of Lom, you cross the bridge over the Bøvre River at the waterfall. Turn right and down to the river and go over the Log Bridge (Utleggsbru which is a part of the Bergomsrunda walk). Go along Bøvre to Tronooden Bridge.

The path goes up at the end of the bridge on the north side of the river. The route meanders in the terrain in a sparse spruce forest through small crags, sometimes a little steep. The tour to the top (Tronoberget) is a small detour (150 m) from the marked path.

You can extend the hike from Tronoberget to Geitupphøe, approximately 1 hour.The route from Grjotheim is not as steep as the one you take from Tronooden. The road back to Tronooden has little traffic and is easy to walk on.

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