Glitterheim | Restaurant

Type:In the mountains

Veodalsvegen, 2686, Lom

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Tel: + 47 61231833

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At Glitterheim you get traditional food, made from old recipes and local ingredients. You are guaranteed high quality food, served with the history of the ingredients.

It is important for us to use the ingredients we can find in the mountains, and we cook as much as possible of the food ourself. All cured meats are made in Glitterheim, of elk, deer, reindeer, roe deer, sheep, pigs and horses. We smoke and cure horse meat, and hot- and cold smokes fish with juniper. Growths like rhubarb and angelica is used in desserts, jams, chutney and more.

We recieve slaughter, and use old recipes to make traditional toppings, such as reindeer pate. Freshly baked bread and hot buns are self-written for all breakfasts at Glitterheim.

During the day, from 13.00pm - 17.00pm, we serve a sandwich of the day and a soup of the day.

Dinner is served at. 6.30pm and 7.30pm (except Wednesday and Saturday when it's a buffet).
On Fridays there are deer notch for main course, and on Sundays we have fish. If the fish luck is good, it is fish from the Steinbuvatnet.

The food is served until 9 pm and no guests should go to bed hungry!

"Koldtbord" (Buffet)

On Wednesdays and Saturdays there is a buffet at Glitterheim at. 6.30pm and 8pm.

Wednesday,: Reindeer tongue, hot smoked and pickled trout and meat soup cooked on reindeer stock. Swiss roll for dessert.

Saturday: Traditional Norwegian foodm "rumgraut" (Sourcream porridge) with cured meats. Homemade of course!

Mid March - Mid April and Mid June - Mid September



Member of

  • Norwegian Trekking Association

Map & Directions

Road Directions

In the winter, we have transport all the way in to Glitterheim. If you come by car, you can drive to Veolia in Sjodalen, where there is a parking space. We reccommend the E6 in the winter, since Valdresflya is closed during wintertime. From the national park border in Veolia to Glitterheim it is 7 km. We have bicycle rental at the national park boundary - Glitterheim. NOK 75, - per bike per road.

Public Transport Directions

Access: In summer, there's a regular train and bus connection via Otta to Randsverk and a bus via Fagernes to Randsverk. By car, drive on National Road 51 to Randsverk and the carpark at the National Park road barrier.

At Easter time, DNT offers charter bus service from Oslo to Veoli and Gjendesheim. By car, you can drive via Heidalen to Veoli. National Road 51 from the south, over the Valdresflya plateau, is closed in winter. From Veoli, there's a 25 km staked route to the lodge. Tracked vehicle person and baggage transport from Veoli is available when booking in advance with the warden.

Opening Times

* The cabin is open for self-service with DNT (Norwegian Travel Association) key during these periods:
February 15 - March 13, April 14 - June 18 and September 14 - October 15, 2020.


Hiking to Glittertind - 2465 m.a.s.l., LomNorway's second highest mountain Glittertind, which lies 2452 meters above sea level, is a majestic peak with a great view over large parts of Jotunheimen.