Nilsbue work hub | Lom - Jotunheimen

Type:Destination office

Bergomsvegen 17, 2686, Lom

Tel: +47 61 21 29 90

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Welcome to Nilsbue office community - a newly upgraded hub in the middle of the mountain village ~ Lom centre.

Perhaps you and your family or friends are planning a weekend or vacation in the mountains, but some of you has to work a bit before "logging off". If yes, a "drop in" at Nilsbue is perfect!

Get the job done before enjoying the rest of your stay in Lom and Jotunheimen. In our newly renovated premises, it is also possible to arrange meetings, or rent an office space for a longer period of time!

The office community is located at Nilsbue, in fact the oldest building in the center of Lom, where the destination company Visit Jotunheimen also has offices and tourist information. Right outside the door you are surrounded by 3 national parks, glaciers and high mountains in a short distance. You will find restaurants, cafes, the very well known bakery and lots of exciting shops!


Permanent: Office in private cell offices. (2,600 NOK)

Flex: Flexible rent is for you who need an office for shorter periods throughout the year or a few days a month. 

- Large flexibility: Access to office space up to 10 days a month. (1,600 NOK)

- Small flexibility: Access to office space up to 6 days a month. (1,000 NOK)

Drop-in: Office space in an open landscape. NOK 199 per day.

*Access to shared facilities is included in the price for everyone.

Meating room: Up to 8 people. (NOK 199,- per hour)

Shared facilities

COMMON AREA | Kitchenette, dining table and lounge
COFFEE MACHINE | Free access to fresh coffee and tea
WIRELESS INTERNET | Fast wireless internet included
ACCESS TO PRINTER | Printer, copier, scanner and office supplies
MEETING ROOM | Possibility to book meeting rooms for 8 people
PARKING | Plenty of space for parking, and the possibility of electricity

Map & Directions


Lomseggen - the "local mountain" in Lom National Park Village, LomHave you been at the top of Lomseggen (1289 m.a.s.l)?  Key words: Majestic view, peak pulse and beautiful scenery.

Tourist information in Lom National Park VillageVisit Jotunheimen | Tourist information in Lom - Jotunheimen, LomThe Tourist Information office in Lom is located by the roundabout in the center of Lom. It is open all year - with full crew in June, July and August.

The Bakery in Lom | Café, LomLom Bakery is probably Norway's best bakery - situated in the National Park Village of Lom.

The cultural path in Lom National Park VillageThe cultural path in Lom National Park Village, LomThis is a cultural path that starts in the center of Lom National Park Village. See Rondane in the east, Dovrefjell and Reinheimen in the north, Breheimen in the west and Jotunheimen in the south.

Lom National Park Village, LomThe municipality center of Lom is a National Park Village and a natural gateway to the National Parks Jotunheimen, Breheimen and Reinheimen.

Visit Jotunheimen AS | Bergomsvegen 17, 2686 Lom | 915 613 020 | +47 612 12 990 |