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2686, Lom

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The municipality center of Lom is a National Park Village and a natural gateway to the national parks Jotunheimen, Breheimen and Reinheimen. Norway's two highest mountains - Galdhøpiggen and Glittertind - are located in Lom.

The mountain village Lom in Oppland with approx. 2350 inhabitants, is the most typical mountain municipality in Norway, with 135 peaks and 23 border peaks over 2000 m.a.s.l.

The National Park Village is located at the foot of the mighty mountain Lomseggen, and provides a crossing point between east and west. In less than two hours (summer time) you can move from the mountains in Jotunheimen to the worlds longest fjord, Sognefjorden.

In the city center, the river Bøvra runs white and wild in Prestfossen. The name Fossbergje comes from the rock that protrudes at the waterfall. The village center has been developed at both sides of the river since the end of the 1600th century. 

In the nice and cosy center of Lom, called "Fossbergom", it is a busy life in the summer months with inhabitants and tourists side by side. Here you will find everything from a famous baker and stave church from 1150, one of the biggest Stave Churches in Norway, several outdoor cafés, restaurants, shops museums.

In Lom you can explore culture and traditions combined with modern attractions and activities. Lom is well known for its well-developed construction practice. At the wooden bridge, built in the same way as the first bridges ever, you get close to the life giving water, on the way from the glaciers to the ocean. Please also notice Vassvaglen, the special monument, close to the roundabout.

Lom is a great starting point for hikes along a large network of hiking trails.

See hiking map here!  

Walking trail through the National Park Village Lom: 
“Bergomsrunda” is a pleasant round trip on foot, through the National Park Village Lom. The round leads through the village
and takes you to the sights in and around the centre. The round trip is 2,5 kms long.

Map of "Bergomsrunda"

Please contact the tourist office for further information.

Map & Directions


Norwegian Mountain Center. Photo: Kristoffer Mæle ThuestadNorwegian Mountain Center | Jotunheimen and Reinheimen National Park Centre, LomThe Norwegian Mountain Center in Lom, Jotunheimen is a visitor center for the National Parks Jotunheimen, Reinheimen and Breheimen, and provides information about hikes and guided tours in the National Parks around Lom National Park Village.

Bergomsrunda | Village Walk in Lom National Park Village, Lom“Bergomsrunda” is a pleasant round trip through the National Park Village Lom.

Upper activityareaAktiv i Lom | Lom Activity Park, LomLom activity park in Lom National Park Village. Climbing tower, high rope park, gyro trampolines, pedal gocart course, pumptrack course and 9-hole miniature golf course. 

Lomseggen - the "local mountain" in Lom National Park Village, LomHave you been at the top of Lomseggen (1289 m.a.s.l)?  Key words: Majestic view, peak pulse and beautiful scenery.

Visit Jotunheimen | Tourist information in Lom - Jotunheimen, LomThe Tourist Information office in Lom is located by the roundabout in the center of Lom. It is open all year - with full crew in June, July and August.

Tronoberget from Lom Centrum, LomThe center of Lom National Park Village is surrounded by nice hiking paths. Tronoberget is one of many easily accessible mountain hikes​​​​​​​ - close to Reinheimen National Park

Visit Jotunheimen AS | Bergomsvegen 17, 2686 Lom | Org.nr. 915 613 020 | +47 612 12 990 | info@visitjotunheimen.no