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Limestone caves are formed when water enters through cracks in the rock, and this will over time dissolve and lead to the weak and
soluble rocks. The caves wil thus have different shape, size, length, height and direction, wichever mountains consist of and where the water finds its way. In Dumdalen, underneath Sognefjellet and west of Lom, we find many spectacular caves. Most caves here was formed about 10,000 years ago during the last ice age.

From the parking we go into the valley. We start in the simple with large open caves where the light comes in through cracks in the rock. Further into the valley the caves are longer and narrower, and the only light we have are from the headlamp. If you do not enjoy the
narrowest caves, you will still be able to get a magnificent experience in idyllic Dumdalen. The calcareous bedrock contributes to a rich flora, and we find spectacular formations as well outside as «inside».

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