Olavsråket - round tour from Lom

Type:Mountain tour

2686, Lom

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Olavsråket is a trip in historical surroundings that can be done as a return trip from Lom center.

Starting point: Tronoddbrua
Time round trip: 4-6 hours
Length: 14.2 km

The trip starts at Tronoddbrua and first goes up to Tronoberget. From here, the marked path continues to Olavsråket and the trip goes in hilly terrain to Stavåsen. On this trip you have a good view of Lom and Skjåk and walk past small ponds, bogs and mountain lakes.


At Stavåsen, it is marked further down towards the Otta River, and you follow the ladder along the lake eighteenth to Lom center.

It is not a demanding and steep trip, but note that it is a longer trip and you may want to calculate some time.


The story of Olavsråket

This is a trip with historical flair! At Stavåsen you meet the old road - the original Olavsråket - which comes from Lesja over the mountain. In 2021, we celebrated a thousand years since Saint Olav crossed this road to spread Christianity to the villages in Ottadalen.

In the video above, we were on a tour of some of the original landscapes with Reidar Marstein and here we follow in the footsteps of people who may have walked here over two thousand years ago.

A mountain hike close to the center with a lot of history, beautiful nature and fantastic views of the villages in the valley.


Good trip!

Map & Directions


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