The cairned trail on Sognefjell


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Over a distance of 16 kms/10 miles between Krossbu and Turtagrø, you can pad from cairn to cairn, like our forefathers did till the motor road was built in 1938.

Some 300 cairns are registered along this stretch. From time immemorial people have defied dangers of nature and set out on foot and with horses to cross the Sognefjell plateau. By help of the built up cairns with large poles rising from the top, the travellers were able to find their way, even when mist and fog covered the mountains.

The landmarks have been very important for safe travels in the mountains for centuries. Today the cairned path –varderekkja – is an interesting cultural-historical monument. The cairns must in no way be changed or destroyed.



  • 4 hours


  • medium

Nature and terrain

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  • august
  • july
  • september

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Blue river flows past Krossbu tourist cabin in the summer. Krossbu | Mountain Logde, LomKrossbu Mountain Lodge is a private tourist lodge with majestic surroundings on route 55 - the Sognefjellet road - Norway's highest mountain pass.

Sognefjellshytta | Mountain Lodge, LomSognefjellshytta is situated 1,400 meters above sea level at the NorwegianScenic Route Sognefjellet, northern Europe’s highest mountain pass.

Viewpoint SognefjelletViewpoint | Sognefjellet, LomAt Sognefjellshytta there is established a viewpoint where you can take a stop, stretch your legs, go for a small walk and get an impression of the Jotunheimen National Park.

The artwork at Mefjellet, LomThe stone sculpture by Knut Wold at Mefjellet is one of many attractions along the National Scenic Route Sognefjellet. 

Viewpoint | Vegaskjelet along Sognefjellet, LomFrom the viewpoint Vegaskjelet, you will have the view of the 2,000-metre peaks of Skarsnebb and Steinetind in Jotunheimen, Norway.