The Classic in Jotunheimen

Type:Peak hiking winter

Gjendevegen 200, 2683, Tessanden
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The classic in Jotunheimen - a roundtrip on backcountry skis from hut to hut in beautiful Jotunheimen National Park. 

This is one of the truly classic ski tours in Jotunheimen. On this trip you get to experience the best of Jotunheimen, both on skis through fantastic mountain areas, and comfortable accommodation in serviced cabins with full board and good food.

Number of tour days: 5 days
Type of tour: Round trip
Kilometers: 94.1 km
Altitude: 1974 m

The tour goes between these serviced tourist cabins in Jotunheimen: Gjendesheim - Glitterheim - Spiterstulen - Leirvassbu - Gjendebu - Gjendesheim. The entire route is a total of approx. 100 km, with day stages varying in length from 14 – 26 km. 

Free parking and free rental of backcountry skis for those who book a stay at Gjendesheim as the first and last night of the tour experience.

The trip day by day:

Day 0 - meeting at Gjendesheim We meet at Gjendesheim for dinner and have a tour this evening. This is so the group gets to know each other, we get to talk through the trip, expectations and plan the first day of the trip.

Day 1 - Gjendesheim to Glitterheim The first stage is by far the toughest on the entire route, with 26 km and over 1,000 meters of altitude. This day we go through classic high mountain terrain in Jotunheimen, first up to Russvatnet and further over Vestre Hestlægerhøe. From here, 400 meters of altitude await with a descent to Glitterheim. At Glitterheim, a pleasant host and the serving of a delicious dinner await us.

Day 2 - Glitterheim to Spiterstulen This day starts a bit more calmly along the stilt track into Veodalen. We are surrounded by the mighty Veotindane, Ryggjehøe and Leirhøe. After about 7km, we gain some more altitude towards Skautflye, where we get a more easily traveled terrain and wide landscape. If the conditions allow it, we go via the glacier front on Veobrean to enjoy the view of the blue ice. Today's stage ends with a 400-metre descent towards Spiterstulen, in sometimes steep terrain. Here we choose the route according to what gives the best mountain skiing experience. We walk a total of 17km this day, and can look forward to a shower, good food and cozying up in front of the fireplace.

Day 3 - Spiterstulen to Leirvassbu After two slightly hard stages, a shorter and slightly calmer day awaits, with 14.5km. This day we follow Visdalen inwards towards Leirvassbu, surrounded by 2000-metre peaks in all directions all day. This day is on easy terrain, but parts of the day are gentle climbs. In the last part towards Leirvassbu, we have the opportunity to gain some height to enjoy some mountain skiing if the group wishes and the conditions are right. Leirvassbu is located roughly in the middle of Jotunheimen, and here we will enjoy views of fantastic mountains both from the dining room and the fireplace.

Day 4 - Leirvassbu to Gjendebu Today the trip goes south-east towards Gjende and Gjendebu. We cross Leirvatnet with a view towards the majestic Kyrkja, and go over the pass at Høgvaglen. We walk a total of 19km this day, but from Høgvaglen it is a gentle descent in easy and nice skiing terrain. We walk along Langvatnet and let ourselves out into the beautiful Storådalen. Gjendebu is wonderfully located and will offer a magnificent accommodation with good food.

Day 5 - Gjendebu to Gjendesheim The last day we will spend along the iconic Gjende. We walk the trail over the lake, and will have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. First we pass Bukkelægret, and along the last part we will go under Besseggen and Besshøe. We walk 21km this day, but a flat and easy route. The last day is the easiest, but with a tired body and many experiences in the luggage - this will be a nice day to be able to think through and reflect on the wonderful experiences along the way. Arriving at Gjendesheim, we summarize and end the trip in a good way as a group. Some may want a quiet evening with a three-course dinner and a good bed for the night, while others wish to go home.

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Friday, 5th April 2024 - Tuesday, 9th April 2024

Klassikeren i Jotunheimen på fjellski | Bjerke Opplevelser
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Leirvassbu | Mountain Lodge, LomLeirvassbu is a mountain lodge in Jotunheimen, situated by the lake Leirvatnet, just below the characteristic mountain Kyrkja, and is an excellent base camp and starting point for mountain walking, climbing peaks, glacier walking and spring skiing.

Gjendesheim Mountain Lodge, VågåGjendesheim mountain lodge is located by the scenic lake Gjende at 1000 metres above sea level, and the starting point for hiking the famous Besseggen Ridge.

The main building at Glitterheim during winterGlitterheim | Mountain lodge in Jotunheimen, LomThe Glitterheim DNT cabin lays beneath Glittertind, encircled by a series of 2000-meter peaks. The Vole family awaits you with 137 beds and meals based on traditional food from the mountains.

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Memurubu | Mountain Lodge, LomMemurubu is a tourist hut in Norway, at the end or start of the famous Besseggen hiking trail. Memurubu is originally an old mountain pasture dating back to 1872.

Gjendebu Mountain Lodge, LomGjendesheim mountain lodge is located by the scenic lake Gjende at 1000 metres above sea level, and the starting point for hiking the famous Besseggen Ridge.

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