Brimi Seter | Restaurant

Type:In the mountains

Smørlivegen, 2685, Garmo

Tel: +47 911 37 558

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Brimi Mountain Farm offers unique experiences by serving self produced food at the barn loft. You will get to know the farmyard and its history, and see how the local cheese is produced. The Mountain Farm is well known for their local raclette menu.

In the barn loft they have created a large multi-function room with long tables in place it can seat up to 80 guests. It can also serve as a concert venue, as well as hosting barn-loft parties. They serve a variety of exciting foods from the dairy, combined with food from other parts of the region. Fiddle-playing and stories about Huldra are integral parts of the experience when you visit Brimi Mountain Farm. 

Here is an example of how they might meet your culinary wishes:
Coffee and waffles
Rømmegrøt (sour cream porridge - a Norwegian delicacy) and sliced cured meats
Dinner menus ranging from 2 to 7 courses
“Skråppå tå” (a local raclette)

Please contact Brimi Mountain Farm if you have suggestions for any meal arrangements!

Map & Directions

Opening Times

Summerseason (19 June 2020 - 30 Aug 2020)
Monday - Sunday11:00 - 18:00*

* The café is open every day from mid june till the end of august. It is also open some weekends before and after summer season.

Dates and times marked with a '*' are provisional and may be subject to change